Monday, August 31, 2009

First Week

The Goddess Project is part of the Time Project, a collaborative artwork initiated by
Sandi Fenton. The Time Project involves each artist recording visually a moment in time once a week for a year. About 15 artists are involved.

For The Goddess Project I will be creating 52 goddesses, each made of terra cotta and bisque fired. Each week I will take one goddess and launch her into the world in a different spot. I will photograph the goddess in her place and post the photos on this blog.

Each goddess will be launched into the world with mindfulness and a wish for our world and the living creatures that inhabit it.

The first goddess was placed into the ocean among the rocks on the north end of the beach at Hull, Massachusetts. It was just past low tide and the tide was coming in. As I watched the waves overcame her, and she disappeared below the water.

Inside her is a paper that reads: "May our Earth be healthy and safe, able to support all living beings . . . May all living being be healthy and safe, supporting the Earth, awake in the understanding that the Earth is our flesh and blood and bones."