Monday, April 26, 2010

goddess #35

here, amongst puddingstone boulders
bordering VFW parkway
i think of ben, soon off to afghanistan.
and tack, a man with twinkling eyes
and a smile that lit up the world
haunted 40 years later
by the things he saw in the jungles of vietnam.
and another
who i shared my life with for a few short weeks so many years ago,
who woke shaking in the night
from dreams of war.

to all who go to war, willing or unwilling
may you be safe in body and mind.
may you neither kill nor be killed.
may you neither maim nor be maimed.
may you remember that those you fight are no different than you
that they, like you, want only for themselves and their loved ones
be safe, happy, and to be able to live peacefully on this earth.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

goddess #34

jagged rocks,
barely worn over eons of time.
water moving past mossy bank,
swift, then slow, then swift again.
everything growing, falling, decaying, growing again.
everything noting the passage of time on its own scale.
rock, tree, human, mosquito -
life measured in an instant or an eon,
all precious, all impossibly brief,
all just enough.

Monday, April 12, 2010

goddess #33

i've been dreaming
of things taken away
and been surprised at the 
anger that has arisen 
in this dreaming self.
this morning i seem to understand better
this Kwan Yin behind barbed wire.
Pouring compassion for all of us humans
who want to let go
and yet build fences.

"may all being be free of craving and the roots of craving"

Monday, April 5, 2010

goddess #32

I walk the Fens
this gentle spring morning
pondering questions of art and power
. . . then sitting on the bank
trees greening and blooming
listening to a symphony of birds
questions dissolve . . .
and all that remains 
are sunshine, song, and the touch of the breeze.

may all beings arrive in the present moment . . .