Monday, October 12, 2009

goddess #7

"autumn brilliant
alive to wind and sun
two strong legs
eyes to see
body being breathed . . .

Today, drawn again to hospital grounds . . . this time Franklin Park near the Shattuck . . . a hospital of last resort - a place for people suffering homelessness, addiction, mental illness . . . leaves vibrant in the autumn sun, bright blue sky . . . the ground littered with empty bottles and broken glass - permeated with suffering and the search for solace . . . I am keenly aware of the suffering of those for whom there is never enough to fill the void, to soothe the pain, to bring peace to the fearful mind . . .

"may all beings be free of suffering
and the causes of suffering"

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  1. Joan, is this your new blog? It's beuatiful. I'm a follower.
    Jeanne Lafferty