Monday, November 30, 2009

goddess #14

"the tinkling of a hundred windchimes
flashes of color, even on this rainy day
bring a smile to all. . .
thank you!

may I ease the suffering of one person in the morning,
bring joy to one person in the afternoon"

Very near to where I live there is a magical tree. It grew over many years, sprouting windchimes and shiny things, spreading light, color, and music beneath its boughs. It is the garden of one of the Brookline "projects" and the creation of a family that immigrated here from Cuba decades ago . . . it reminds me, on a smaller and more delicate scale, of Simon Rhodia's Watts Towers. People are often drawn to dancing or playing within this fantasy world and it seemed a perfect home for a goddess dedicated to bringing joy to those around her.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Joan, I travel home from work past this magical tree most days and am so happy whenever I see the playfulness and special attention it's been given.
    Often I've wondered who has created this magic and now I know more.Thank you for this and for your quite magical goddess project which I'm enjoying so much....poetry commentary and process with each goddess.
    Blessings, Sherrard