Monday, January 25, 2010

goddess #22

scarred by development
gouged by greed
the sub-tropical landscape lies barren
wildness awaiting replacement with
tended foliage
parking lots
and towering condos.
still the red bird sings in the tree
and the great blue heron soars above.

may we learn to be happy with exactly what is happening in this one precious moment.

Just arrived in Florida, I am struck, yet again, by the incredible pace of development. Places still wild on my last visit are now vacation condos, strip malls, and parking lots. Remaining wild spaces have "for sale" signs prominently displayed. Yet wildlife appears still to thrive -- water birds wade in irrigation ditches and songbirds sing in trees and brambles.


  1. Joan, ya gotta tell the goddess to watch out for them barbed wires.

  2. The development in Florida is frenetic.
    This is a very thoughtful blog.