Monday, July 12, 2010

goddess #46

a pause
in this day that cycles between downpour and brilliance
the kind of day where there might be a rainbow
but isn't
only the wet lushness of green moss
mist rising from the earth
and a thousand other shades of green
gladdened by the arrival of sudden storms.


  1. Dear Joan,

    Thank you so much for this wonderful me it seems as if you have been doing acupuncture to heal the planet. Strategically placing these goddesses and then sharing your heartfelt poetry and prose with all of us. It has been a true gift.

    Thank you for sharing the adventure. It has been very nourishing and a real inspiration to know that you are on the planet...doing all that you are doing and being all that you are. It is also wonderful to know that all of those goddesses are out there!

    with much love and gratitude,

  2. Love knowing she's out there somewhere! Sandie