Monday, February 8, 2010

goddess #24


feathery clouds meander across blue sky
hawks circling lazily
and below people walk listlessly
past sunshine coin laundry
forgotten neighborhood
bordering spanking new downtown
sports complex-university-cultural-center
and acres of parking for suburban visitors.

may we open our eyes to see all of humanity without fear


The area near the clay studio where I work is a study in contrasts . . . to get there I drive past a still-under-construction major sports complex, a new technical university, a major theatre complex and the existing home of the Orlando Magic . . . just blocks away, across the tracks, are crumbling homes, vacant lots, and homeless people wandering the streets toting backpacks, shopping carts, and plastic bags. . . people on the fringes, invisible for the most part to those attending events in the stadiums and theatres nearby. . . it makes me wonder how many people could be housed and fed with just the money allocated to the new video screen on the new sports complex.

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