Monday, February 22, 2010

goddess #26


shingle creek
flows south
filling the everglades
teeming still with life.

even here
white ibis
flocks of robins
are reflected in the slow moving water
and finches flit
from branch to branch
amidst drapes of spanish moss.

life continues in its myriad forms


Tucked behind suburban homes I walked along a small canal, its banks alive with robins, cardinals, and small finches filling the air with birdsong . . . later i found this small, green, wet lushness . . . home to  family of  wading ibis . . . shingle creek comprises the headwaters of the everglades . . . a fact learned from markers along the beachline, the major east-west roadway connecting orlando to the kennedy space center . . .this goddess, with heart wide open, embraces all of the creatures living in her new environment . . .  later, walking back to my car i found this great blue heron, peacefully fishing at the edge of the water.



  1. Hi, Joan. I am just so appreciative of both your photos and writing. It's a bit of peace, of mindfulness, of beauty, in the midst of busy days. I love the Florida pieces, both the placement of the goddesses and the writing- social commentary, poetry, and 'meditations' all strung together.
    Thank you.

  2. I am loving this!
    I have given you a sunshine award!
    if you want to claim it you have to go to my blog!